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we give back!

The mission behind OTTB Designs/OTTB Identity has been to foster recognition of these amazing horses, while at the same time giving back to the organizations that rescue, rehab, and rehome!

Every year since 2011 we have been proud to make donations, both monetary and product, to nonprofit organizations throughout the US and Canada. We also support horse shows that recognize OTTBs by providing them with products to award to their contestants.

*Monetary donations are generated through direct sales, as well as through sales made from our retailers. Please purchase confidently from either option!

**Please contact OTTB Designs directly for product donations.

Send inquires to info@ottbdesigns.com

Blue Ribbon Campaign

For December we are teaming up with After the Finish Line to offer a special 2012 Blue Ribbon that people can buy for their OTTBs even if they dont show, or have never won anything. Purchase a blue ribbon with the OTTB logo for $12.00 and 100% of proceeds will be donated to After the Finish Line who will award funds to OTTB rescues.

After the Finish Line

OTTB Designs works closely with After the Finish Line to ensure that proceeds from every sale are directed to OTTB rescues. When you make a purchase from OTTB Designs a percentage of the proceeds is awarded to After the Finish Line

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